52 Saturdays ~ 2019

201852 Saturday’s 2018 group photos.
Purpose: To inspire others with your view of the world and document the year with photographs.You can find our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/52Saturdays/
  • Post a photo every Saturday in 2019.
  • Pictures can be taken on Saturday or you can choose your best image from the prior week.
  • Have fun and push yourself to take a new photo every week! Iphoneography is fine too.
  • Try not to use pictures from your archives since it defeats the purpose of creating new art.
  • Include the week number & the hashtag #52Saturdays when sharing on Word Press, FB, Twitter or Instagram.
  • The privacy settings on your picture must be set to public so everyone in the group can see it but our group is closed so no one outside the group can see your pictures.
  • Please give feedback on each other’s pictures.

South Street Seaport Studio

ESPN launched a new studio at South Street Seaport in NYC this Spring. The Seaport is an extremely cool, upscale neighborhood between the Brooklyn Bridge and the financial district. Our set captures the feel of the surrounding streets which are filled with old historic buildings on cobblestone streets, now converted into boutique shops and trendy cafe’s and restaurants.

Italy 50 / 20

I can’t believe we are already 50 & 20 and making good on an ancient promise to my grandmother. My grandparents were both born in Italy. My grandfather, George Caponigro, was from Salerno and my grandmother, Mary Cultrera, was from Sicily. They always reminisced about the old country and dreamed about going back someday but life was just too busy raising their 4 kids and 3 of my mother’s children, me included. The day before my Nona died, I told her the news that I was having a baby girl and I promised that I would go to Italy with her someday. I was 30 then and I planned to make the trip when I turned 50 and my daughter turned 20, because that was a million years away and I’d have plenty of time to save.  Little did I know, how fast it would go!

We arrived in the crowded, loud city of Naples on Monday morning, rented a car from some very pushy Italians, suggesting I should rent an SUV, but I knew better. We made the drive on winding roads to the Amalfi coast and barely survived in the tiny Toyota we chose. We laughed and screamed the entire way, sure we were going over the cliffs on each turn. We found an incredible farm to table villa for the week called Serafina Agriturismo in the province of Salerno and the town of  Furore, Italy. This family run inn is nestled between the mountains and overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea.  They raise farm animals and grow everything you can imagine on the hillside below the house. The make their own olive oil, wine and limoncello to go with the most amazing food you’ve ever tasted. Their chef, Rosa, was an extraordinarily talented, hard working woman of 26. She ran the inn and was the only English speaking member of the family. After a few glasses of wine, we were writing her in to the starring role of our new Disney film about a strong Italian princess, who never got to leave the mountains to meet her prince charming…but that’s another story.

During our week long stay, we explored Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and took a boat to Capri Island. Here are just a few of the pictures we took.